Why I Can’t Work A 9-5 Job.

Before I begin this post, I need you to know that I have an extremely strong work ethic. I’ve had some sort of job since I was 12. Whether I was babysitting, being a camp counsellor or answering phones, I’ve earned my keep. (I’ve also cleaned many gym bathrooms in my day.) That being said, I’ve found that I am really not good at having a job that requires me to sit behind a desk for a designated amount of time. (Unless I have access to some sort of ADD medication.)

I don’t know why, but when I am forced to sit in one chair for an entire day, I suddenly become RAVENOUSLY HUNGRY.

I really can’t explain it. With every hour that passes, my stomach becomes a bottomless pit that no amount of almonds, chia pudding, or Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches can even begin to fill. Here’s a typical work day for Summer:


giphy(GIF via Here.)


tommy-want-wingy-o(GIF via Here.)


IExo58S(GIF via Here.)


tumblr_inline_nexj7im7r71sppc86(GIF via Here.)


lucy-in-chocolate-factory-o(GIF via Here.)


anigif_enhanced-13136-1402690428-41(GIF via Here.)


tumblr_mltter6zea1s4z358o1_500(GIF via Here.)



(Image via Here.)



(GIF via Here.)

And that’s why I don’t have gainful employment.


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