Why 2013 was the greatest year of all time.


Someone once told me that how you spend your New Year’s Eve is how the upcoming year will be. I totally agree.

In 2011 my husband Paul and I went to Sydney on a super tight budget. We watched the 9pm fireworks and then caught the train home. That year was spent trying to get jobs, save for a house and of course – get iPhones. (Priorities.)

In 2012 – we raged. My bestie Emily from the States came to visit and I’m pretty sure we drank some questionable workout pre mix that is now illegal and watched the sun rise. That year was spent getting married and going on a three month holiday.

Last year – I was tired and Paul was working on the eve of 2013. With no energy to put on a little black dress, I decided to watch What to Expect When Your Expecting and go to bed around 10.… Two weeks later, I was pregnant. I was also in the process of getting my first book published. Commence: Full on freak out.

You’re probably thinking that I freaked out about trying to release a book while growing a human inside of me. Nope. I was freaking out because the year was 2013 and I don’t really like odd numbers. I had meant to have my book out by 2012 and a baby in 2014. Now all of the sudden I was going to have two of the most momentous occasions in my life happen in twenty-THIRTEEN. (I didn’t care if Taylor Swift said it was lucky. All I associated the number 13 with was a psycho murderer in a hockey mask at a summer camp.)

But then something incredibly important happened in January 2013 that completely changed my view on the year. Justin Timberlake brought his music career back with the 20/20 Experience. Holy F.

If JT thought 2013 was the year to take the music world by storm, then I obviously had to have my baby and book then as well. I spent the next 9 months editing and vomiting. My book arrived on September 1st and my baby on October 11th. I no longer look at 2013 as just a weird unlucky odd number. I look at it as the year that great events took place. Not only in my life- but in the world.

Let’s reflect:

– Britney Spears announced her Vegas residency/ gave us Work Bitch.

– Beyonce beyonced us all when she just casually surprised us with a visual album.

– Miley Cyrus mileyed a wrecking ball.

– Katy and John went all Nick and Jessica on us with a duet accompanied by a music video.

– And lastly, Kanye and Kim dry humped on a motorcycle and debuted it on Ellen, which made me no longer need marijuana to trip out while watching TV.

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