When It Rains, It Does Not Pour

Oh the joys of renovating.

In April, I moved my kids to Florida for three and a half months so that my husband, Paul, could finish building our dream home in Australia. After two years of having our babies live in our closet (it’s a big closet, I promise), it was time to do the addition and give our kids bedrooms that they could cover in Frozen stickers and Baby Bell Cheese wax. After much deliberation, we decided it would be best if we spent the summer at my mom’s house so Paul could work non-stop on the project. We knew it would be hard to leave our amazing friends and family routine, but in the long run – it sounded like a great plan. We’d play at Disney and then come home to a finished house, right?! Wrong.

It’s raining in Mudgee.

A lot. So much so that they couldn’t pour a slab. (Apparently It’s pretty hard to build a house without a foundation.) On the bright side – my kids got to spend quality time in magical Florida! They went to Disney, played in pools, attended an incredible school with beyond kind and loving teachers, ate their body weights in watermelon, learned all about the greatness that is Publix and got very good at using FaceTime to chat to their dad. Oh we also got to skip winter, which is nice because Paul turned off the heat thinking the slab would be poured, “any day.”

 Luckily, we only have one more week until Paul gets to fly over and play “Summer in Florida” for a couple weeks. Then we’ll fly back to Australia, move our kids back into our bedroom and build us a house TOGETHER. Because I think that’s the way things are supposed to be.

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