Hi!!! How are you? I’m doing well. Actually, I had something horrible happen yesterday involving my friend’s backyard and a bowel movement, but we’ll save that story for another blog post.

I’m writing because I have much happier (and less gross) news! Two of my favourite authors have new books coming out and they’re available for pre-order! Both Sunni Overend and Lauren Sams are amazing writers and you must get their new releases.

Crazy Busy Guilty is the book for every mum who has ever wondered exactly what she’s gone and got herself into. Georgie Henderson is a new – working – mum who strives to be Sheryl Sandberg at work and Martha Stewart at home. But she’s discovering that in the twenty-first century being a Good Working Mum means answering emails at midnight while you purée vegetables and line up play dates and French lessons for your four-month-old daughter. As she battles between being a “good mum” and leaning in, she finds herself fighting for what’s really important to her – as soon as she figures out what that actually is.

Lauren Sams is the author of She’s Having Her Baby and the highly anticipated novel, Crazy Busy Guilty. She’s also a freelance writer whose work has appeared in ELLE, marie claire, Cosmopolitan, Good Food, delicious., Sunday Style and dailylife.com.au. She used to be Lauren Smelcher, then (confusingly) she was Lauren Smelcher Sams. She’s pretty set on Lauren Sams now, pending a call from Rob Lowe. She lives with her husband, daughter and two dogs in Sydney. Elaine Benes is her spirit animal. If you’d like Lauren’s thoughts delivered to your inbox weekly, you can sign up to her newsletter here.

Artful, sexy and sophisticated, The Dangers of Truffle Hunting explores how a man can be more to a woman than a destination. Filled with gorgeously sumptuous food and set against the back-drop of the beautiful Yarra Valley, hip inner Melbourne and a first-class cooking school in France, The Dangers of Truffle Hunting is ideal for those who enjoy the finer things in life.

Sunni Overend is a graphic design grad, and the daughter of the late, award-winning children’s author Jenni Overend. She worked briefly in creative advertising before building an online fashion store and concurrently wrote two women’s fiction manuscripts. In 2013 she sold her online store and merged her areas of expertise to self-publish her first novel, March. Sunni lives in Melbourne with her husband. You can find her on Instagram HERE.