Summer and Paul: The Reality Show(S)

If you are what you eat, then I am what I watch.

Over the past few months, my husband, Paul, and I have been completely consumed by renovating our new house. Not only did we buy a nice piece of crap fixer upper, we bought land to subdivide. Suddenly our day jobs of  “author” and “coal miner” became real estate mogul and contractor. Lest we forget the biggest role we took on this year: parents.

Yes, times are busy in the Land-Jongsma household. There are walls to be knocked down, DAs to be submitted and tiles to be grouted. In an effort to be able to afford this, we’re all living in one bedroom while the rest of the house gets an overhaul. We have takeaway nearly every night, wash our camping forks in the bathtub and do our best to make our daughter, Daisy, comfortable in the walk in closet. (To be fair, it’s a pretty big closet.)

With every nail, we get closer to civilization. But as they days roll on, I’ve noticed that my life is slowly becoming the reality TV shows that I am obsessed with. We’re basically The Block meets Hoarders meets Super Nanny meets Newlyweds. See our photographic essay below:


The Block: Summer and Paul

reno bring vomit





book ladder


Stay tuned for more The Block: Summer and Paul: Next month // Kitchen Reveal!

NEXT UP: Hoarders: Summer and Paul

hoard square




Summer is currently undergoing counseling to stop buying clothing and toys for Daisy since they seriously have nowhere to store them.

 7PM: Super Nanny: Summer and Paul

sm cud





After two weeks of SOS, Daisy now happily sleeps in her own….closet.

End your night with: Newlyweds: Summer and Paul


family face time


Check back for more updates soon!!!!!!

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