Taylor Swift’s Red Tour!


I am utterly in love with Taylor Swift. I caught her E! True Hollywood Story on TV in 2010, sobbed for the entire hour, and then decided that I could truly be anything I wanted to be in life. SUCH AN INSPIRING LITTLE THING.


My husband Paul knows exactly how I feel. And he is as big a fan. (Knows all the words, hates all her heartbreakers.) Since he is amazing he got us tickets to see her at the ARIAS in 2012. She performed I Knew You Were Trouble. It was life changing. Paul and I still talk about that epic performance. Since we had had a tiny Taylor taste- we needed more. Paul googled T- Swift Australian tour dates every day until he found this fateful December 4th performance. He booked two epic front and center seats. We left our newborn baby with my mom at a hotel and headed off for our first date night in a long time.

When we arrived we immediately realized that we were at a concert for 12 year olds. There were honestly about 26,236 training bras in my vicinity. Paul looked around and laughed, “this might as well be a wiggles concert.” Adorable girls dressed head to toe in red body glitter, crop tops and high waisted shorts screamed their lungs out in anticipation for the impending resurrection of Taylor Christ. I suddenly realized I was dressed all wrong. I was in a blue polka dot dress that I swear I had put thought into. (I was going for the Taylor Swift preppy look….) So obviously I had to buy a $40 red Taylor t-shirt.


Paul and I decided to get a drink before we took our seats. We were pleasantly surprised to find that all of the bar lines were completely empty. That is one pro of going to a concert for 12 year olds! As we lined up I got pulled up by a security guard and carded. I’VE NEVER BEEN HAPPIER. Now that I’m 26 and a mom being mistaken as someone under the age of 18 is incredibly entertaining.

As we made our way to our seats I got butterflies in my stomach. Next- chills washed over me. I could feel Taylor’s energy coursing through my veins. I freaked out even more when I saw how close our seats were! I could honestly shoot my breast milk on her and her backup dancers.

As I was dazed out thinking of how I could make Swifty my best friend Paul grabbed my hand. It was beginning. My world went red and Taylor appeared. With every hip pop and head tilt, I became increasingly intoxicated by her voice and body. She was such a cheeky little thing. Every smirk, squint and grin felt like she was flirting with me and I was lapping it all up.

By the middle of her set I was in tears. Like snot streaming down my face tears. I was mesmerized and madly in love. I didn’t cry at my wedding or the birth of my child, but for some reason I couldn’t keep it together. Maybe it was because my husband had been so thoughtful to get us tickets. Or maybe it was just because Taylor was rocking my f-ing world.

Before I knew it- it was over. She had taken her final bow and the house lights came on. I was still too entranced to speak. Paul looked around and noted that the arena liked like the aftermath of a war and that only women and children were left. It was then that I realized that the concert had been a battle- an emotional battle. In the span of two hours I had to fight my fears of failing, flying, getting hurt, and going for my dreams. It was as if Taylor was my Braveheart and had guided me into the battle of my life. And for that I am forever grateful. Last night was a fairytale.


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