Must Read Books For Writers and Authors

As a freelance writer and author of two books, I often experience Writer’s Block, brain fatigue, loss of self-confidence and the urge to give up on my writing dreams and go back to the 9-5 grind.

But then I remember that I love writing. I’m obsessed with it. It feeds my soul better than anything else. When I picture my ideal life – it’s me writing the day away and then getting to share my work with like-minded people and form meaningful connections around the world.

But let’s be honest – making your dream career a reality is hard.

Young girl from the 90s looking like Steve Jobs

Do you remember being 8 and straight up FEELING your look? Maybe you just cut your own bangs with Crayola scissors, maybe you convinced your mom to get you some sleek PUMA sneakers. OR maybe you knew how to pair denim and black in a way that would one day be the go-to uniform of the man that literally changed the world of computers, music, phones and movies.

I remember wearing looks like this well. These glasses – they were a party favor from a Bar Mitzvah and I looked through the blue lenses with a sense of awe, wonderment and the confidence that one day I’d enter adulthood and SLAY.

But then I got embarrassed. I got vulnerable. I got deterred. I got tired. I got scared. Suddenly I cared what I wrote, what I said, how I said it and whom I said it to. While I did my best to block out the negativity and keep charging forward, I surrendered to numerous hurdles and nearly threw in the towel last year.

BUT THEN I discovered Grant Cardone and he gave me permission to be obsessed.

He showed me how to not feed fear. He showed me how to collect haters and taught me to never waste a good recession. Both The 10x Rule and Be Obsessed or Be Average gave me a million things to think about/ implement, BUT I particularly loved the part about him not wanting to quiet his kids down and encouraging them to always be obsessed, energetic and determined.

I’m the mother of a four and six year old and I hope they don’t lose their spark like I did. It took so many years to find it and I hope I can lead by example to show them that if they want something badly enough (a job, degree, sense of self, spiritual connection, money, friends, health. WHATEVER IT MAY BE) that they simply need to be obsessed to get it. Massive thank you, Grant. You were the kick in the ass I needed 🙌

I’d also like to recommend five other books that have been instrumental with keeping the wind in my sails.

Must Read Books For Writers & Authors:

#1 Be Obsessed or Be Average by Grant Cardone

Be Obsessed or Be Average Book by Grant Cardone

#2 The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone

The 10X Rule Book by Grant Cardone

#3 Trust The Process: 101 Tips on Writing and Creativity  by Karen Andrews

Trust The Process Book by Karen Andrews

#4 The One Thing by Gary Keller

The One Thing by Gary Keller

#5 The 5am Club by Robin Sharma

The 5AM Club by Robin Sharma

#6 Do The Work by Stephen Pressfield

Do The Work By Stephen Pressfield

#7 Nobody Wants To Read Your Shit by Stephen Pressfield

Nobody Wants To Read Your Shit by Stephen Pressfield


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