Meet: Lauren Sams

Lauren Sams could be described as an over-achiever. However, that has a negative connotation and there is nothing negative about this girl. She is charismatic, charming, talented, witty, smart, funny and all in all amazing. The fact that she’s managed to write an outstanding and highly entertaining novel all while being a mum/ ASSOCIATE EDITOR at Cosmo Magazine is incredibly inspiring and should be applauded. Oh and she squeezed in this quickie interview!!

Lauren Sams

1. What inspired you to write about surrogacy? Did you draw from a personal experience?

I started thinking a lot about infertility when I had my own baby. It became clear quite early on that my “how’d-you-get-pregnant” story was unusually quaint – there was no IVF or ICSI or GIFTs involved. It seemed like everyone else I spoke to struggled to fall pregnant, and many had turned to assisted reproduction. It really got me thinking about how I would cope with that struggle – and in turn, how far I would go for a friend struggling with infertility. Thus, Georgie and Nina, who love each other but find it hard to deal with each other’s fertility and lack thereof.

2. Have you always known you’ve wanted to write a novel?

Yes! But I truly never thought I actually would. I have always loved writing and have always toyed with the idea of committing to a novel but I just didn’t have the idea yet. One day I had what my dear friend/mentor Oprah calls an “aha moment” and I got my first novel idea. I wrote it and it was good enough to get me meetings with publishers. It never ended up getting published (though, watch this space, it may…) but the connections I made in those meetings got me to Nero and Black Inc, and made She’s Having Her Baby possible.

3. Any words of advice for aspiring writers out there? 

If you don’t like coffee, learn to. I jest (not really). I would say: listen. When you’re on the bus, when you’re shopping, at your family’s Sunday dinner. Listen to the way people talk, their idioms, their dialogue – it’s the best way to make yours sing. And as your English teacher always said, “show, don’t tell” (Especially when it comes to delicious baked goods. Honey, I don’t want to hear about how good the cronut was. Where’s my effing cronut?)

Thanks, Lauren!!

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