It’s March. Time to get the “Rachel” haircut.

I discovered something really big today. I was watching a rerun of Friends and noticed how cute Rachel’s haircut was. (You know, the bob she had during Season 7.)

Anyway, long story short, I thought to myself, “I totally want that haircut again.” But then I talked myself out of it because I am getting married in July and need long hair.

Then I realized that exactly one year ago, I went to my hair stylist  and asked her to give me the ‘Rachel Bob’ from season 7.

I bet, if you did a study of all hair salons and asked them when the ‘Rachel Bob’ haircut is the most popular, it’s during Friends season 7 reruns. Which is March in Australia.

New Theory: There is a direct correlation between the “Rachel Bob” haircut request and the Friends rerun schedule.

Be honest. Have your haircuts directly reflected Rachel’s hair on Friends?