I’m Making Stuff Up Now

And it’s so much fun.

For years, people (mostly my mom) have been telling me that I should write fiction. When Donna suggested it, I pulled a bitchy teenager face and said, “I want to write memoir! GAHD! Why don’t you support my dreams?!” (and then I slammed my door and stared at my Hanson posters.) When friends suggested it, I always told them I didn’t think I could do it. Developing different characters vs just writing gratuitously about myself (and my bowel movements) were two very different things.

But then one day while I was writing my follow up memoir, Summer in Oz, I kept thinking that it would be so much easier if I could just make shit up. I wouldn’t have to dive so deep into my 29-year-old closet of life experiences and try to make sense of them. I started imagining what story I would tell if I looked loosely at my own life and then let the lies fly. The story stayed in my head, though. A few months later I was on a panel with author, Caroline Kepnes, and we talked about me possibly writing fiction. After the event, she signed her book, YOU, for me….

Caroline Kepnes

I don’t know if it’s because Caroline is the kindest person in the world or the fact that her books are incredible (Seriously, YOU, is as addicting as Sons of Anarchy, but in a Steven King kind of way.), but I left feeling like I wanted to make Caroline proud. I started taking an online Master Class with James Patterson and learned all about outlines and plot and conflict. THEN as if the fates had conspired, my literary agent asked me if I had ever written fiction. I said no, but that I had just started!

So now I’m deep knee deep in a novel. I don’t know if it will get published or not, but it’s really fun to write and I feel like I’m learning so much. I shall keep you posted!


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