GUEST POST- Nicola Wood!

This is a guest post by the wonderful Nicola Wood! You can read more by her at First World Beauty Problems!

Party tricks are so much more than just a simple trick. So many elements come into play when establishing your party trick – how dangerous is it? Are you the only person that can do it? Is it funny? Is it shocking? One should ask all these questions before performing said party trick, because for your trick to be successful, it generally has to walk the fine line between amazing and horrifying. You want to come across as talented, not a freak show and of course, you want the audience is laughing WITH you, not at you.

I found my party trick by turning a negative situation into a positive. You see, I’m double jointed. I find comfort in sitting on the ground with my knees touching and my legs facing outwards. I can pop my thumbs out on command and bend my thumb down to lay flat against my arm. This can make people gag, it can make them jealous and it can make me quite embarrassed, when my initial reaction is to default to an awkward double-jointed position when shocked. 
My party trick was born when I realized my double joints stretched to my shoulders, and I was able to dislocate them to get my arms from behind me over my head, while joining hands. I trailed this trick slowly, starting performances to family and close non-judgmental friends who enjoyed my double-jointedness. When this trial period brought great success, I knew I was onto a winner.
Now, I use this trick to quickly transform to cool-party chick into hilariously cool-party chick, I use it as a bet to get free drinks when someone believes it impossible (idiots) and I use it to distract from the fact that double-joints aren’t actually cool…or are they?
And of course- photographic evidence…
Screen shot 2013-12-07 at 9.23.44 PM
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