First World Beauty Problems

One of my favourite people in the world is Aussie beauty blogger, Nicola Wood, of First World Beauty Problems. I adore her because she excels at loving makeup, hair care and self tanner without being a total tool. She knows all about accidentally dying your hair orange and the injuries that can occur from trying to wax your own moustache. Nicola is a total glamour, but she absolutely knows how to laugh at herself when her “natural tan” leaves a mark on her white shorts, which is why she’s my kind of girl.

I relate because I’m terrible at all things beauty. I try to bathe regularly and usually wear a layer of makeup, but that’s about as far as I go. It’s not that I don’t want to  blow dry my hair and then curl it with a wand that resembles a sex-toy, it’s just that I’m not good at it. I spend hours sweating in my bathroom trying to achieve the perfect middle part and all I get is a poofy camel toe on the top of my head. The defeat is not worth it. (Don’t even ask me about the time I tried to do “cat-eye” eyeliner.)

Let’s Take A Look Back At The Evolution Of My Beauty Problems

The time these bangs happened.

The time these bangs AND this face happened.

The time I decided to do something about my bangs and this happened.


The time I abused my right to wear scrunchies.

The time I wore the wrong shade of foundation.

And here I am today. Failing.

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Watch below to see Nicola & me chat about more of our beauty fails on

Confessions Of Another Blonde On The Internet!


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