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If you’re not in Mudgee it might be hard for you to pick up a hard copy of the Mudgee Guardian and inhale its amazing ink soaked paper smell while reading my new column, Summer in Mudgee. Don’t worry – the genius digital department has put all of my pieces online so you can read them wherever you may be! Catch up below and please share with friends who might like it. #summerinmudgee

From Caffeine Intolerance to Wonder Mom

Summer in Mudgee by Summer Land

I used to be extremely hypersensitive to caffeine, so much so that I wrote about it extensively in my first book.

“If I even look at a piece of chocolate, a can of Coke, or touch a coffee bean, the caffeine instantly implants itself into the base of my spine and attacks my body like a bacterial infection spreading through a hooker in Peru. Then I magically transform into the girl at the Junior League luncheon, sucking on her strand of pearls in the corner of the room, and rocking back and forth while talking to herself.”  – Summerlandish… READ MORE



In The Land Of Flavoured Tuna and Meat Pies

Summer In Mudgee by Summer Land

Adjusting to life in Mudgee without readily available burritos has been tough, however, it’s forced me to discover two new incredible food items: Flavoured Tuna and Meat Pies….READ MORE






The Castle

Summer in Mudgee by Summer Land

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions people make in their lives. There are so many questions to ask. Is it in a good school district? Are the rates affordable? Is there asbestos? Can we afford it? Is this the town I really want to live in? I asked many of these questions when I purchased my home in Mudgee in 2014. However, there was one question I didn’t think to ask: Is the home in the path of an airport? READ MORE







Rest In Pieces Dear Trampoline

Summer in Mudgee by Summer LandTwo weeks ago a delivery truck pulled up in front of my house to unload a stack of roof sheets for our extension. It felt like Christmas morning. Excitement was quickly replaced with frustration when we learned they had only delivered four sheets instead of forty… READ MORE






My Children Need Bedrooms

Summer in Mudgee by Summer Land

My husband, Paul, and I have been renovating/ adding onto our house for over two years. Our life is like The Block, but without hair and makeup or clever use of dash cams. Instead, we hammer away while raising our three-year-old daughter, Daisy, who sleeps in a cot roughly a metre from our bed and our 18-month-old son, Axel, who sleeps in our closet… READ MORE






The Hardest Question On The Citizenship Test

Summer in Mudgee by Summer Land

After six years of eating my body weight in Vegemite and figuring out how to use a clothes’ line, I finally sat the Australian Citizenship test. Since Donald Trump really is going to be the next President of the United States, I think it’s safe to say this could not have come at a better time…. READ MORE



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