Sofia Sanchez de Betak with her infant daughter

Being Mama: Sofia Sanchez de Betak

“Traveling with your loved ones is the best way to spend your time and money,” says Sofia Sanchez de Betak.

The mother of one and founder of Chufy was born in Argentina, but seems to be a citizen of the world. After conceiving her now eight-month-old daughter, Sakura, while on vacation, Sofia spent those nine magical months between New York City and Mallorca, Spain. Just like many of us she also spent them experiencing sciatic pains, heartburn, sleepless nights, and brain fuzz. She also had a bit of a scare when she was in Spain during the summer holiday. Her doctors encountered a small abnormality on Sakura’s intestines while still in utero. They didn’t seem to be worried or make a fuss about it. However, when Sofia returned to New York, her doctors reacted much more dramatically. To Sofia’s horror, there was even talk of ending the pregnancy. She ended up having amniocentesis and countless other exams and cried non-stop for weeks.

“The day I was given the scary report, I could feel her moving like crazy, it all of a sudden felt like I was a washing machine! The exams gave us no answers so we just hoped for the best and kept going. The abnormality disappeared a few weeks before Sakura’s birth and she was born with no issues at all. I was glad to be aware of everything my baby went through in my belly, but I definitely think she could sense my stress and fear, which I tried my best to erase from my mind to not pass on to her. Honestly the greatest advice I could give to expecting mothers is to stay positive and grateful, don’t let doctors freak you out just because they are being cautious.”

After her scare in the states Sofia chose to spend the last few months of her pregnancy in Mallorca. “It was a really peaceful time where I could relax and think about what type of birth I was going to have. I also love that I got to wear lots of loose dresses and wraps, mostly kimono robes and flats.”

When Sofia wasn’t busy being a pregnancy style icon, she saw a physiotherapist for pelvic floor preparation.

“Throughout the last month of pregnancy, I had private sessions twice a week, where my physiotherapist taught me breathing and pushing techniques to be able to push out my baby without tearing or pain. I strongly recommend these exercises.”

Sofia carefully scouted doctors and midwives in Mallorca until she met the ones she felt in sync with. At first she wanted to give birth at home, but because of the experience with the abnormality on Sakura’s intestines, Sofia decided to deliver at a hospital.

“I had a plan on my mind that I shared with my doula, doctor and midwife. They were all very respectful of my wishes, as they were all very pro natural births. I spent the first part of my labor at home with my doula and husband, and then together we went to the hospital, which was an hour away. At the hospital, my midwife and doula helped me throughout the entire night. At around 8am the next morning I was finally dilated, my water broke and in one push Sakura was out. Because Sakura was made during cherry blossom season in Japan, and since both my husband and I love Japan so much, we thought a Japanese name would be beautiful and fitting. It was actually Sakura’s brother who came up with it a month before her arrival. I love that it came from him.”

Today Sofia’s life is back in full swing. Her trainer comes to her home around 6am for a Pilates session and a massage so that Sofia can start her day focused and relaxed. After a breakfast of mostly cereal, seeds and fruit, she goes to her office where she reviews emails and works on her collection. Many mornings are filled with photo shoots or meetings.

“I try to avoid lunch appointments or day events as they take too much time from my work day, but around 7pm I wrap up and go home to spend time with my baby and husband or cook for friends.”

With what seems like an endless amount of energy, Sofia credits her team that enabled her to work throughout her pregnancy and in the months after giving birth. She’s also incredibly relaxed in both roles – mother and fashion mogul.

“Because I have such incredible people in my life I feel like I can achieve a healthy work life balance. It’s also resulted in a really good marriage dynamic. Alex and I are both so proud that in Sakura’s four months of life she’s been to seven countries, four continents, and had zero heath problems. We have made a tradition of spending Christmas in Patagonia so that’s something I want Sakura to grow up having. My passion for life and travel drives me to be the mom I want to be and the type of business owner that I am with Chufy.”

Every collection Sofia has at Chufy is a different trip, a different destination, the latest being inspired by Japan. The 36-piece collection is influenced by the vibrant confluence of modernity and tradition in Japanese culture, anchored in classic silhouettes and eccentric patterns. The collection features ready-to-wear, sleepwear, and accessories, and infuses rich silks in a vivid color palette of playful yellow, vibrant orange and persimmon, mixed with deep midnight blue and dusty rose. Iconic Japanese motifs, such as cherry blossoms, Koinobori fish, and dragons, are emblazoned across the back of the kimono version of a bomber jacket or in the playful patterns of kimono robes.

“The bold and colorful designs are influenced by the vintage Japanese fabrics and antique matchboxes I collected during my travels across Japan,” explains Sofia.

Obviously it must be insanely cool to have Sofia Sanchez de Betak as your mom, but when asked who her mom crush was, Sofia said model, Caroline De Maigret, is one of her favorites. As a mother, Sofia ultimately wants her daughter to be surrounded by nature and learn to appreciate the little things in life.

“I want her to value family, nature and animals. Sakura is so delicious, cheerful and determined and I just want her to grow up knowing the world is out there for her to explore. I had no idea how natural and instinctive motherhood would be for me. However, I have become a lot more stupid! My brain is always thinking of Sakura and whenever she’s around I behave like a 5-year-old.”

When asked about what she finds difficult about parenting, Sofia says, “To be honest, the most difficult thing about motherhood so far is self-discipline. I feel like kissing Sakura and hugging her every single second. I love having her in my life more than the fact of being a mother. I don’t think I really understand the scope of what’s ahead, but I’m at complete peace with what’s happened to me since she arrived in our lives. I promised myself after a torturous labor I would never feel maternal guilt. I hope I can continue to see my mistakes as learning steps and not fails.”

You can hardly use the word, “failure” when talking about Sofia. She’s started a company that is successful and socially committed, as well as graced our newsfeeds in outfits that are strikingly beautiful, like her outlook on life. Sofia’s collection Chufy, parenting style and creative content let’s people into her world, which is full of travel, desire for knowledge, culture, and meaningful relationships.

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This piece was originally published on The Tot.

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