Author Crush: Georgia Madden

Every now and then I read a book and I think, “Damn, I wish I wrote that!” That’s totally how I feel about Georgia Madden’s, Confessions of a Once Fashionable Mum. I’m only half way through, but her novel is already so witty, entertaining and….relatable. As a mom of a 19 month old with one on the way, it’s so nice to read a funny book that chronicles the joys of motherhood in such a humorous and honest way.

Since I wasn’t quick enough to write such a fun book, I decided that I’d have to become best friends with the woman that did…. which led me to stalking Georgia on Instagram and Email. She is every bit as charming in real (Internet) life as she comes across as a writer and was kind enough to answer some questions for me!


How much of yourself is in Ally B? (The main mum in the book.)

I’d like to say I’m the perfect mother, and nothing like Ally. But that would be a big fat lie. In my less than stellar moments, of which there are many, I shout at the kids, bitch at my husband, feed them Maccas (again) rather than prepare a lovingly home cooked dinner, and have my fair share of judgy moments when someone gets excited about the latest Thermomix of macramé toilet roll holder. But, like Ally, I know it’s all just surface stuff. None of it means a thing compared to my love for my family, and how grateful I am to have them.

What is it like writing a book while raising two kids? 

Interesting. My kids are older. (seven and 11), so they are pretty excited about the whole book-writing thing, particularly when they realised they might score a little mention in the acknowledgments (and they had plenty of suggestions for what I should say, let me tell you.) But as you know yourself, writing a book is a long ‘ol process. My husband was incredibly supportive and was more than happy to take over so I could shut the door and write for hours/ days on end. But by the end of it, I was feeling guilty. There comes a point in the writing of a book where everyone and everything becomes nothing byt an annoying distractin, and when I emerged from the fog I could see just how much I’d let things slip; there were the hundred or so playdates I owed my friends, the balls of dust and dirt rolling around under the stairs, and the little fingernails that had grown so long they could double as weapons. Saying that, I’d do it all again in a heartbeat. Might splash out on a cleaner next time.

This is a super broad questions, but how do you feel about the ever popular debate: Can women have it all?

I think it’s possible, perhaps just not all at the same time. It also depends on what “having it all” means to you. It would be a little tough, I imagine, to run a corporation and still be at the school gate every day at 3pm (saying that, you’d be the boss, so why not?)For me, all I ever wanted was to have a family, have time to enjoy my kids and still pursue writing, so I guess I’m living my version of “having it all.”

Can we expect a follow-up book?

I hope so! I’d love to revist Ally five years down the track and see how she copes with another child under her wing and Coco starting school.

What else are you up to?

I’m a freelance interiors jounralist, so I’m busy writing features for House & Garden magazine. I’m also a class mum at my son’s school, so I’m helping organise the school open day next week and the end of year celebrations for his Year Six class. (Yep, we start early.)

To get yourself a copy of Confessions of Once Fashionable Mum visit Booktopia or download a copy for Kindle.

Follow Georgia on Twitter HERE.

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